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Klis’ Tavern is located in Gaios, the magical island of Paxi, right on the seaside. It’s a sea food restaurant specializing in Greek traditional cuisine with emphasis on seafood.

Our restaurant has been around since 1971. At Klis seafood restaurant, you will find fish freshly caught daily by our own trawler, delivering the freshness of the sea straight in your plate.

In our beautiful and hospitable surroundings with a great view to the sea, you can enjoy several traditional home made dishes, such as mousakas, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, veal in tomato sauce, as well as seafood dishes, such as seafood risotto and pasta, and various other fish and shellfish, served daily from noon till late at night.

Our 48 year experience, our professionalism and passion guarantees that each dish that we serve is a small journey to culinary delights with top quality ingredients and affordable prices.



Please contact us by phone:

+30 698 869 8702

+30 26620 32353

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